To say that I have been interested in fashion since my childhood means to say nothing.
I have been mad about fashion for all my life. What is trendy, what  the latest collections of world-famous designers are like,  what  colors and styles are in fashion, what is appropriate and what is not, dress code at work – you name it!
– I wanted to be aware of all and sundry.

Recently the topics of my interest are fashion and fashion news, shoes and bags and accessories to match, and perfumes, of course!

The things just every normal woman would be interested in.

But women like to share. To share thoughts, ideas, to gossip, after all. So, why don’t we share our news in the sphere of fashion, modern trends, shopping, beauty products and all that jazz?
Why don’t you share your opinion of the latest collections?

Let us explore the fascinating world of fashion together, finding out what works best for you!



Fashionista :)