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Bikers’ motif and high-tech in the new autumn-winter Balenciaga collection

Tweet The famous Balenciaga brand has presented a new collection of handbags. Its main feature is that the brand’s designers decided to step back from well-established principles: there are no traditional adornments like metal clips, and classical forms and shapes gave way to a popular high tech-style and bikers’ motifs. The palette is rather impressive, […]

Balenciaga Patent Wheat Lune Handbag Review

Tweet The whole range of eye-catching colors! Balenciaga handbags have been attention-grabbers for the whole decade! Produced in exclusive colors, having exclusive materials and design, the bag is highly functional. Replenish your collection of stylish bags by this inspiring model. It is sure to  live up to all your expectations! Have a look at the […]

Balenciaga Purple Covered Giant Money

Tweet Balenciaga Purple Covered Giant Money It is not surprising that Balenciaga has gained popularity over the last years. Glamorous and exclusive in colors, Balenciaga Covered Giant Money is worth your attention. Each and every season Balenciaga introduces bags of different colors, materials and accessories. Among the most popular ones is Balenciaga Covered Giant Money, […]

Gwyneth Paltrow with Her Balenciaga Moon Bag

Tweet Black glasses and tousled hair, the whole body as though saying “do not look at me”; it is quite difficult to recognize the famous Gwyneth Paltrow. Just one thing gives her away, breaking the well thought-out image and betraying a well-known film star – it’s her magnificent Balenciaga Moon Bag. A wine-colored handbag – […]

Ups and Downs of Balenciaga

Tweet It is hard to believe that the well-known fashion house of Balenciaga was founded by a 16-year-old youngster, but Cristobal Balenciaga really did it and did it quite successfully. Balenciaga started his career in fashion when he was just thirteen, when one of the members of the Spanish royal family, marquise Torres, whose passionate […]