Bikers’ motif and high-tech in the new autumn-winter Balenciaga collection

Balenciaga Bags

The famous Balenciaga brand has presented a new collection of handbags. Its main feature is that the brand’s designers decided to step back from well-established principles: there are no traditional adornments like metal clips, and classical forms and shapes gave way to a popular high tech-style and bikers’ motifs.

The palette is rather impressive, too. You can see bright rich blue, black and red shades, as well as soft pastel colors. Bags of tangerine and curry and two-coloured ones are especially charming.

As for the so-called animalistic print, it is still in the focus of attention.

What unites all the models of the given collection is their functionality. These elegant works of designer’s art are able to undergo a serious load inherent to a megalopolis’ dweller and keep their elegance and chic at that.

These elegant and functional bags gain popularity among celebrities, too. A famous model and actress Nicole Richie is an ardent admirer of the brand. Back in 2005 she gave preference to “Motorcycle” Balenciaga, having bought all the colors of the model.

She is still faithful to her “Motorcycle”, changing only the color of her bag depending in the circumstances and events. The new Balenciaga collection is a unique combination of practicality, elegance and style. An accessory like this will make you stand out from the crowd – be it an ordinary event or pageantry.



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