Clutches and bags from Alexander McQueen

If you are determined, ambitious and know for sure what you want to achieve in life, minimalism and restraint are not for you. In this case, luxury and glamour of clutches and bags from the new collection of Sarah Burton, a leading designer of Alexander McQueen Fashion House will be a perfect match to your stylish image where every detail is be impeccable.

Alexander McQueen Clutch

Alexander McQueen Clutch

Luxurious and exquisite models of the latest fashion show presented a surprising and very interesting combination of glamour and truly royal splendor with mysterious Gothic motifs which make these petite compact accessories a real embodiment of “poetry on-the-move”.

The main elements of décor which embellish clutches from Alexander McQueen are more than interesting. These are golden and silver sculls inlaid with splendid pearls and beads. They are simply charming and take your breath away. As always, made with great attention to every smallest detail, every stitch and element. Everything is so perfect and smooth, stylish and really excellent, that there is nothing to pick on.

Despite their rigid and hard-shell design, clutches from Alexander McQueen look really tender and feminine and can undoubtedly become the best accessory a stylish and confident woman can afford.



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