L’Angele from Lancel – Worthy Choice for Cosmopolitan Stylish Ladies

L’Adjani, Le Brigitte and Flirt – these models look absolutely different now due to fresh and rich colours – royal blue, raspberry, smoked green and – pleasant to look at – the colour of ripe mango.

L'Angele Lancel

L’Angele from Lancel

Moreover, the designers resorted to unusual materials such as imitation pleated chamois leather (Le Brigitte) as well as reptile pattern leather, grained, and fabulous vegetable leather – like in Flirt.

In honour of its 135-th anniversary, the leading designers of the Lancel fashion House have made a beautiful stylish and luxurious L’Angele bag which owes its name to the founder of the Fashion House – Madame Lancel.

What makes this model different from others is its elegant design in the style of the 60-th as well as its functionality. L’Angele bag may well be used as a vanity, which is fixed by several metal stands. The colour range is really pleasant and restrained. The fashion show presented versions of black, saffron, copper, as well as shades of mocha and ivory with lush bourbon.



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