Luxurious and unique Saddlers Union bags

saddlers union bag

No show-off- and it is a real sign of luxury, quality and exclusive design. Gorgeous, luxurious and exquisite bags of the latest Saddlers Union collection are a real proof of it. The fact that Jacqueline Kennedy, who was well-known for her excellent taste, used to be the brand’s admirer speaks for itself.

The unique design and simplicity of forms make Saddlers Union bags unforgettable. Even the process of making original models is exclusive and unique in itself: all the bags are made from the finest leather; they are crafted and sewn by hand. All the accessories are made from brass and are covered with a layer of chrome to make them more durable and utilitarian.

What about the color scheme, it includes noble shades of brown. You can see, however, more extravagant colors: red and yellow, orange and pink, which, no doubt, make Saddlers Union bags especially appealing and eye-catching.

A range of textures, forms and models will no doubt catch your imagination. The designers successfully combine top-quality leather and fillet, a very popular type of fabric which looks quite elegant and feminine. In a word, there are plenty of things to admire!



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