Heroine Bag from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen Fashion House keeps us getting surprised! A new provocative model has rather an original name – Heroine. No doubt, the leading designer Sarah Burton meant the addiction to the unique design of the bag.

alexander mcqueen heroine

You can’t but agree that such an unusual design can cause rather strong addiction.

Eternal luxury – that might be the right name of the model presented.

And the title is really deserved. The Heroine bag, in spite of its small size, is rather spacious.
It has to be said that this rectangular bag of mysterious black, made of high quality leather, is noted for its exquisite design.

There is a thin golden zip along the perimeter. The public was amazed how spectacularly the model was presented. A famous photographer Dan Tobin Smith presented it I the following way: he placed it on the broken snow-white graphic background which showed the unique model at its best.

So, would you like to be special, original, stand out in a crowd? Then buying a bag with such a provocative name – Heroine – is a must!

“Heroine” from Alexander McQueen – take care – you might get addicted!

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